Our Agricultural Economy

Kansas Democrats support a robust system of traditional family farmers and ranchers.  Agriculture is the backbone of our state’s economy and culture, and it’s through smart farming and ranching practices, environmental stewardship, and expanding markets for our agricultural products that Kansas agriculture will continue to grow and thrive.

We believe there should be an assurance of a fair return for farmers, achieved by development of U.S. export markets, expansion of world trade under conditions which promote fair tariff and subsidy practices, restoration of fair market pricing in the marketplace to meet the cost of production, plus a fair return for labor and investment.

Kansas Democrats support publicly sponsored agricultural research including responsible biotechnological research to enable the reduction of the use of farm chemicals and other expensive production aids.

Kansas agriculture requires adequate crop insurance, good land use planning that protects prime agricultural land, and continuation and enhancement of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to meet multiple national goals for environmental, emergency, energy, wildlife, and other uses.

Kansas Democrats support sustainable food production which includes local production and adequate infrastructure for production and delivery to market. We support local food production and processing, and the elimination of food deserts in both rural and urban markets. We support helping farmers use eco-friendly production methods and diversifying crop production.

Kansas Democrats advocate action to promote industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity for a wide range of products, for example: agriculture, textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food/nutrition/beverages, paper, construction materials, biofuels, and personal care.

Kansas Democrats recognize the value that immigrant labor provides to agriculture and agribusiness.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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