Children, Families, & Seniors

Kansas Democrats support adequate funding of social service programs that will provide accessible, quality childcare, advance maternity/paternity leave policies and legislation, expanded family medical leave, tax credits for child care, strengthen human trafficking laws, expand low income housing, protect Medicare and reform the Department of Children and Families.

Kansas Democrats will continue to lead on the issues of pre- and post-natal care, safe and affordable child care, after-school programs, child immunizations, enforcement for child support payments, and criminal penalties for those who perpetrate domestic violence and sexual assault.

Kansas Democrats oppose human trafficking in all its forms and support efforts to combat human trafficking. We support services for victims and survivors of human trafficking as well as preventative measures aimed at those most at risk of being trafficked.

Kansas Democrats believe in ensuring an economic safety net for all families. We support services needed to help families regain their independence with adequate monitoring programs to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse.

Kansas Democrats support Meals on Wheels.

Democratic presidents created both Medicare and Social Security, two cornerstones of American society that not only grant seniors financial and medical security but also the peace of mind to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.  Kansas Democrats continue to support these vital programs, believe that a dignified retirement is central to the American Dream, and that Medicare and Social Security are the foundation of realizing that dream. Kansas Democrats support removing the cap on earned income contributions that fund Social Security.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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