Criminal Justice Reform

Kansas Democrats are committed to the reformation of the criminal justice system. A shift to treatment, rehabilitation and education is critical to assure lower recidivism rates. Lower recidivism rates are positive to Kansas taxpayers, communities and most importantly Kansas families.

Kansas Democrats support  an end to capital punishment.

Kansas Democrats support full legalization of marijuana for personal as well as medical use.

A fully funded public defender system is pivotal in assuring individuals get the fairest opportunity for justice.

Kansas Democrats support dignity and safety to all offenders during incarceration, including parental rights, protections for transgender individuals, and access to effective programming. Kansas Democrats demand adequate staffing at state detention facilities, ensuring the safety of the public, incarcerated individuals, and correctional employees and contractors.

All incarcerated individuals should have access to care that meets their medical needs. Past physical, sexual and mental trauma should be considered in the sentencing process. Incarcerated individuals in custody should feel safe from abuse by other incarcerated individuals and prison staff.

Kansas is currently in the top 10 for high juvenile recidivism. Kansas Democrats support the continued implementation juvenile justice reform. A full shift to treatment of both juvenile offenders and their families is critical to lower juvenile recidivism rates. Full implementation equals full funding for treatment programs for juveniles.

Kansas Democrats support specific training for law enforcement agencies to assist staff in recognizing mental health concerns in individuals pending arrest and or detention.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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