Ethics & Elections

Kansas Democrats believe voting is a right, not a privilege, for all citizens. Voting is also a duty. Impediments to the exercise of that right and the practice of that duty are deplorable. The sanctity and security of elections in Kansas must be protected from partisan, ideological and personal motives. It is a core principle of the Party to maximize voter participation for all Kansans. We must make it easier to vote, not harder.

Republicans have enacted various voter suppression laws, even though courts have found these measures violate federal law and the United States Constitution.  Democrats will continue to oppose these laws and fight to preserve the fundamental right to vote. We support efforts to defeat voter suppression tactics.

The Kansas Democratic Party supports the establishment of a non-partisan state election commission to oversee elections, and a non-partisan chief state election officer. We also support an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission.

Kansas Democrats believe prosecutorial power for election crimes should be under the jurisdiction of local prosecutors.  Politicization of the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, combined with new prosecutorial power, has had a chilling effect on voter registration and participation.

Kansas Democrats support same day voter registration.

Kansas Democrats support the expansion of in-person voting, including Sunday voting.

Kansas Democrats support making Election Day a legal holiday, to encourage participation.

Kansas Democrats support a transition to vote-by-mail in all elections.

Public trust in our democracy requires that the actions of our elected officials are guided by the public good. Kansas Democrats believe ethics in campaigning and government are absolute principles to which our candidates and public officials must adhere. Kansas Democrats support complete transparency in campaign finance, and an overturning of the “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling which has allowed a flood of “dark money” to corrupt our political process.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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