Immigrants & Refugees

Kansas Democrats welcome immigrants and recognize they benefit our state in important ways. Immigrants have helped create, transform, and revive Kansas communities, helping to reverse the long decline many rural areas are experiencing.

Kansas Democrats support DACA.  People brought to our nation as children should be cared for, and given a clear path to citizenship.  We believe immigrant children who have lived most of their lives in Kansas should have the same educational opportunities and continue to be afforded the same tuition rates as other Kansas residents.

Kansas Democrats support a path to legal status and citizenship for law abiding immigrants and their families.  Mass deportation of immigrants would deal a devastating blow to many Kansas communities and vital industries, such as farming and ranching.

Kansas Democrats advocate for the education of immigrants on their workplace rights to prevent the exploitation of labor and support prosecution of employers who ignore workplace safety and compensation laws.

Kansas has a long history of welcoming refugees fleeing war and persecution in their home countries.  Kansas Democrats support a continuation of this tradition, and oppose efforts to deny safe haven to vulnerable peoples.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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