Military & Veterans

Just as we support law enforcement officers, Kansas Democrats also support the men and women of our Kansas National Guard and armed forces as they defend our state and nation. Kansas Democrats led the way in the creation of a Military Bill of Rights to help ease the financial burden of military service. Kansas Democrats pledge to always stand with military personnel, veterans, and their families as they serve as well as when they return home. We support additional help for Kansas veterans as a way to honor their service to our nation.

Kansas Democrats recognize the role both of these groups play in our homeland security efforts. We strongly support providing these brave men and women with the tools, training, and support they need to defend our state from man-made and natural threats.

Kansas Democrats support expanding available health care to all eligible veterans of Kansas regardless of geographic location, while protecting the Veterans Administration by opposing privatization.

Kansas Democrats support funding alternatives for the disproportionate number of homeless veterans, particularly female homeless veterans, by expanding the vocational tuition options for veterans.

We recognize the unique experiences of those that have served our country. A significant number of veterans that have found themselves in the criminal justice system suffer from the unseen wounds of war or other traumas connected to military service. Kansas Democrats fully support Veterans Treatment Courts as an alternative to detention.

Kansas Democrats support our national defense and the continued presence of all US Military bases located in Kansas.

Kansas Democrats support the right of members of the LGBTQ community to serve in our military and honor their service.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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