Renewable Energy

Kansas Democrats support measures to increase energy efficiency. We support the development of economically and environmentally sustainable clean energy resources and a long-term commitment to the development of a renewable energy economy, based on the production of power from wind, water, sun and bio-fuel.

We believe that energy efficiency and economic growth go hand in hand. We will make our economy more efficient by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, producing less waste, and using less energy.

Kansas Democrats support and encourage renewable energy companies to move to and expand their manufacturing operations in our state.

We believe excessive charges for the use of residential solar and wind power should be discontinued, and that tax credits for homeowners who install solar panels and wind generators should be offered.  Residential property owners should be offered tax incentives to substantially increase the energy efficiency of their buildings, through energy efficient appliances and advanced construction techniques.

Kansas Democrats support the development and expansion of biofuel production.  Biofuels should be derived from crops that require limited irrigation from our threatened aquifers.

Power companies should be encouraged to expand wind generation, and incentives should be offered for the development and expansion of competitive, reliable solar power generation.

Companies with heavy power consumption requirements should be offered incentives to convert to clean, renewable energy sources.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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