Strong Rural Communities

Kansas Democrats recognize the value of vibrant rural communities. Yet many rural areas of our state face real challenges. That is why we believe we must do even more to address these challenges and restore opportunity to rural Kansas.

Kansas Democrats support continued expansion of broadband internet access to maintain and improve the quality of education available in rural schools; developing regional networks of health care which, through expanded technology including remote and telemedicine, can provide much needed support for rural hospitals; and new technology that has the potential to create new industries and jobs in rural areas.

Renewable energy production including wind, water, solar and bio-fuel, has the potential to revitalize rural communities, bringing jobs and prosperity while at the same time benefiting our environment. Kansas Democrats will continue to lead the way in efforts to expand these industries in Kansas.

Kansas Democrats support diverse family agriculture that is profitable and sustainable, delivering healthy foods to hungry people. We support family farms by enhancing and expanding markets for our agricultural products along with technical and processing support for local food production.

Kansas Democrats support promotion of crops that require less water, such as cotton and industrial hemp, and new crop varieties such as perennial wheat.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform

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