Keeping Kansans Safe

Kansas Democrats believe all Kansans have a right to be safe in their homes, schools, offices, places of worship, and communities. We recognize our safety is due to the hard work and sacrifice of law enforcement officers, social workers, educators, and others involved in overseeing the safety of others. We thank them for their service.

Training and Accountability

We believe law enforcement officers should be well-trained in de-escalation techniques, and receive comprehensive training in recognizing at-risk individuals, such as those in crisis or living with a disability.

Police officers, probation/parole officers, jailors, and other law enforcement staff must be held accountable when they commit unwarranted and unfair violence against those accused of a crime, while being arrested, or while incarcerated.

Citizens review boards should be given oversight powers to review law enforcement policies, training, and allegations of misconduct.

We support the wearing of “body cams” by law enforcement officers, and that recordings of interactions between they and the public be reasonably accessible. Kansas Democrats oppose the continued militarization of law enforcement.


Kansas Democrats believe guns have no place in public schools, in our colleges, universities, public libraries, or other public buildings.

We insist that firearms be carried only by those who have been properly trained and certified in their use, have passed a thorough background check, and have been licensed by the state.

Kansas Democratic Party Platform
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